High Temperature Batteries

Designed for harsh environment and implementation with new energy sources and models of operation, suitable for operation in higher ambient temperature. Safe and reliable source of power for telecom and industrial application in extraordinary conditions:

  • Remote locations without mains electricity OFF GRID
  • Areas with frequent power outages UNSTABLE GRID
  • Cyclic/Hybrid applications
  • Operation in Partial State Of Charge (PSOC)
  • Wind and photovoltaic storage systems

  • Excellent performance in low and high temperatures: range from ‐20°C to 65°C
  • Superb cycling performance and corrosion resistance: special alloys and active materials
  • Ready to use with 100% rated capacity on the first cycle
  • High internal gas recombination efficiency: 98-99%
  • All batteries produced in F-V0 flame retardant containers
  • All batteries equipped with safety valves and flame arrestors
  • Fast and easy installation and maintenance
  • Low self-discharge during storage
  • Fuel savings when used in hybrid systems
Capacity Range: From 100 to 170 Ah
Voltage Range: 12 Monbolocks
Terminals: 12V Front terminals
Design life: 10+ years
Rack compatibility: Dimensions suitable for 19”, 23” and ETSI racking.
Flame Retardancy: All models are F-V0 flame retardant
IEC Compliancy: IEC 60 896 – 21/22 and all other related to VRLA batteries
Non-hazardous cargo: For all modes of transportation


Type Un, V Nominal Capacity, Ah Dimensions, mm Terminal type
 Length Width Height
12HVR100 12 103 400 110 286 Front
12HVR130 12 130 557 125 276 Front
12HVR150 12 150 557 125 316 Front
12HVR170 12 170 557 125 316