Stationary Batteries

Reserved Power Batteries

  • Industrial sites (oil platforms, production and storage facilities, datacenters)
  • Power plants and power transformer systems
  • Public buildings (hospitals, banks, entertainment centers)
  • Railways (lighting and signaling systems, relay stations and telecommunication systems)
  • Navigation and signaling systems, emergency lighting
  • For renewable energy sources (solar and wind power stations)
  • Other standby and cyclic systems
  • Small and medium size industrial solar systems
  • Telecom exchange and voice/data transmission equipment
  • Mobile and landline communication systems
  • Radio and broadcasting stations

High Temperature Batteries

Designed for harsh environment and implementation with new energy sources and models of operation, suitable for operation in higher ambient temperature. Safe and reliable source of power for telecom and industrial application in extraordinary conditions:

  • Remote locations without mains electricity OFF GRID
  • Areas with frequent power outages UNSTABLE GRID
  • Cyclic/Hybrid applications
  • Operation in Partial State Of Charge (PSOC)
  • Wind and photovoltaic storage systems