Today commercial vehicles are no longer simple trucks which are used as pure transport or work vehicles. Increased environmental regulations are changing the trends on the market and truck batteries today must provide not only reliable starting power but the ability to supply high power electronic equipment in EURO 5/6 vehicles. MONBAT EFB SHD range is now upgraded and enhanced to meet big energy requirements combined with high vibration resistance for absolute reliability of your fleet.

Main Benefits

  • Original equipment (OE) quality product and specification
  • 3 times the cycle life stability compared to conventional batteries
  • Exceptional dynamic charge acceptance thanks to carbon technology additive in NAM
  • Highest Vibration Resistance V3/V4 thanks to robust design
  • High cold cranking amperes (CCA) and reliable starting after overnight stay
  • High level safety and longer life with built-in SMF labyrinth system for gas recombination
  • Eco Friendly Product and 99% Recyclable


Battery Type Performance Box Dimensions Technical Characteristics
Capacity,Ah CCA, A [EN] L W H Layout Terminals Hold Down
680,002,110 180 1100 B 513 223 223 3 AGM 1 B0
<font”>730,002,125</font”> 230 1250 C 514 276 242 3 AGM 1 B0

Battery Classification as per EN 50342
Water consumption Charge retention Vibration resistance Endurance Level
W4 C2 V3 E3

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